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What are the growth opportunities for your organization?


ALTR is a transformative data security platform that protects against insider and human threats to data using intrinsic security and integrity properties of blockchain.

ARM Insight

ARM Insight's innovative data refinery engine securely monetizes data for financial institutions and payment processors.


Bambu's API library for digital wealth technology reduces the cost and time to market for financial services firms.


BidMoni's integrated end-to-end 401(k) solution targets the lack of fiduciary-focused 401(k) technology for financial execs and VCs.


BlueRush's innovative, data-driven platform addresses poor engagement and conversion rates for leading financial institutions using interactive, personalized video software.


BlytzPay's text-to-pay solution is a mobile point of sale delivered directly to a customer's phone that meets the need for real time payments and communication for all types of billers and payers.'s conversational AI solution uses intelligent virtual agents that can be continuously trained and improved and that seamlessly hand off conversations and customers to humans when appropriate.

Breach Clarity

Breach Clarity uses dynamic algorithms, a design-forward UI, and deep research experience as an expert witness in all large data breaches to demystify response plans to the current epidemic of data breaches for consumers and their financial providers to reduce their risk of becoming a fraud victim.


Chatbots.Studio's platform digitalizes communication between small enterprises, like coffee shops and barber shops, and their customers using a cloud marketplace of commercial bot templates for iMessage and other smartphone messengers.


Cinchy is a real-time Data Collaboration Platform used by enterprise financial service providers to solve data integration, data access, data governance, and solutions-delivery challenges. The results are accelerated projects, more secure services, and vastly reduced development costs.

College Aid Pro

College Aid Pro combats the student loan crisis using late stage college planning strategies to enable families and their financial planners make educated and financially responsible college decisions.


Datanomers' Customer Insight Manager uses AI to provide comprehensive customer insights and preemptively detect churn for banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions.


ebankIT uses out-of-the-box digital channels for bank and credit union digital transformation.


Edmit's Edstimate® algorithm targets the student loan crisis by preemptively estimating college cost and future earnings for high school students and their families.

Eigen Technologies

Eigen Technologies' natural language processing software uses machine learning to analyze qualitative data for banks and other organizations.

Envestnet | Yodlee

We have developed a solution to solve for consumers managing complex financial lives, it enables FIs and FinTechs to provide their consumers with the ability to curate and create their own financial insights based on their individual needs, using comprehensive and accurate financial data, analytics, and conversational AI from Envestnet | Yodlee.

Evident Systems

Evident Systems provides financial institutions cloud-based connectivity into The Clearing House's Real-Time Payments network using cloud automation and event-driven architecture.


Finscend's Bank Dispute Platform automates the credit card dispute process for bank issuers, credit unions, and payment service providers.


Flybits' easy-to-use digital experience platform solves the challenges of developing and implementing AI and machine learning capabilities for marketers, customer experience leaders and creative teams in financial services.


Glance's Mobile App Sharing utilizes in-app visual engagement to improve customer service and support within financial service mobile apps.

Glia (formerly SaleMove)

Glia's system of engagement uses a combination of technology and the human touch to solve complex online inquiries for large enterprises.

Illuma Labs

Illuma Access is a voice authentication service for identity and access management for finance and insurance applications relying on voice as an actionless, efficient, and privacy compliant implementation.


Instnt's value added, insured service for customer on-boarding increases top line revenue for retail financial institutions and e-commerce companies using one line of Instnt's code on websites and apps.


Insuritas' ilnsure platform builds a new source of value-added, annuitizing fee income for FIs and their retail and commercial customers that promotes customer share and retention through offering Property, Casualty, Life, Accident and Health Insurance.

Intellaegis dba masterQueue

Intellaegis' masterQueue software uses AI to solve the complexity of collecting debt for large financial institutions and their party vendors.

InterGen Data

InterGen Data's personal financial health and wealth operating system uses AI-based machine learning and a digital advisor cash flow forecasting widget to preemptively measure the economic impact of major life events of banking industry clients so that they can make well-informed financial decisions.


JSOL's AI-based business forecasting technologies for financial institutions resolve the delay in analyzing corporate credit ratings and growth and decline of businesses.


Kindur combats the modern retirement crisis by providing a variety of wealthtech, insuretech, and other cutting-edge fintech products for the baby boomer generation.


linked2pay's instant settlement solution helps merchants receive payments extremely quickly.


Meniga's SaaS solution increases the intelligent capabilities of data usage for banks to make people's lives and world a better place.


NTT DATA targets the lack of awareness about care when people are incapacitated by collecting data from chatbot interactions, PFM, and SNS for their financial caregivers.


NYMBUS' SmartLaunch enables financial institutions to rapidly transform into fully operational, digital-only banks without converting their legacy technology.

Persistent Systems

Persistent's Conversation Round-About technology solves the problem of frequent redirection of retail banking and insurance customers to call center human agents when they are chatting with a bot.


Plinqit Build Skills improves the financial literacy of millennials using relevant, paid, education-focused content.

Qwil Messenger

Qwil Messenger is a global client chat platform that enables safe and compliant business conversations for all professional service organizations from one single app.


SalaryFits' platform tackles the issue of financial exclusion and abusive pricing for employees of big corporations and SME's around the world using salary deduction technology that offers more sustainable financial products.


Stratifyd's unsupervised and supervised AI workflows analyze and automate omni-channel Voice of the Customer for financial experience and digital transformation teams.


StreetShares' business lending as a service helps banks and credit unions nationwide enter the small business lending market more quickly and efficiently.


SwapsTech's Galaxy Banking platform modernizes open banking by delivering treasury services to banks extremely quickly.


Symbiotic's mobile app allows individuals and small businesses to accept Visa and MasterCard payments by turning their cellphones into contactless POS systems.


Trulioo's global solution solves cross-border compliance pain points with scalable, future-proof technology for banks and fintechs.


Utluna's web application collects, aggregates and analyzes data relating to multi-asset class, multi-currency, multi-broker portfolios using financial institutions' and market data providers' APIs.


ValidiFI’s Payment Risk Optimizer is a payment processing service for fintech companies that targets ACH returns and card declines.


VeriTran’s low-code, omnichannel and open platform lets users deploy faster and better digital applications for banking and payment solutions.