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280 CapMarket

280 CapMarket's fixed income technology uses a combination of uniquely curated market information and proprietary platform capabilities to improve market openness and price transparency for independent financial advisors.


The Amaryllis SaaS Payment Platform built specifically for Acquirers, Payment Facilitators, Marketplaces, ISOs, ISVs, VARs and other models is simplifying the world of 3rd party payments.


Alpharank uses debit and credit card transaction data to map offline social networks that financial institutions can use to amplify marketing and detect synthetic fraud.


Averon's form fill, a conversion product, uses proprietary and patented authentication technology with real-time mobile carrier signaling to improve the lengthy, difficult and oftentimes frustrating registration/check out/transaction process.

Baker Hill

Baker Hill's small business loan application and auto decisioning solution uses a responsive turnkey, web-based application that facilitates information sharing and automated credit decisioning to generate profitable growth in the small business loan portfolio while reducing risk and meeting customer demands for speed and convenience.


BlueRush's DigitalReach software creates and distributes interactive and personalized digital experiences to improve engagement and conversion rates for advisors (wealth, insurance, and mortgage).


Buckit's mobile app gives credit card borrowers the tools for active, cohesive and intelligent debt management.


Conversation.one solves the low accuracy level of automated conversational applications with its Conversational Data Management Platform.

Caribe Developers

Caribe Developers' Teno supplies collaborative mobile applications for the insurance world.


CUCollaborate’s eligibility validation solution, JoinCU, makes it easier for consumers to find, join and borrow from credit unions. Marketplaces can use it to include credit unions’ offerings and credit unions can use it to simplify their online applications. It establishes a referral network of and between credit unions.


Currencycloud is helping merchants collect funds internationally through its Global Collections platform.


CUneXus' lending and marketing automation platform uses advanced data-analysis, user-friendly workflows and existing digital banking delivery channels to eliminate unnecessary friction from the consumer lending process for banks, credit unions and their customers.

Digital Onboarding

Digital Onboarding's SaaS platform uses guided digital journeys, SMS reminders, and machine learning algorithms to improve customer/member activation rates for banks and credit unions.


Dynamics' interactive powered card platform offers computerized technology and existing payment infrastructures to issuing banks & merchants.


Eltropy offers text messaging as a customer engagement channel using AI-driven business intelligence, governance and compliance.


Ephesoft's Mortgage Intelligence solution uses machine learning to automate and detect fraud during the lending process.


exagens Personal Banker: autonomous digital banking assistant with proven results increasing conversion rates & retention while lowering costs.

Fee Dodger

Fee Dodger's database and use of algorithms generates schedules to minimize investment fees.


Flybits' turnkey solution uses data intelligence and contextual computing to implement a digital personalization strategy for retail banking, wealth management, and insurance.

Genial Technology

Genial Technology's audit and accounting data management platform uses proprietary ML/NLP/OCR technology to eliminate labor-intensive and time-consuming procedures for internal and external auditors and accounting managers.

IdentityMind Global

IdentityMind Global's KYC plug-in uses digital identities to solve KYC compliance for business and compliance buyers at fintech companies.

Kasasa Loans

Kasasa Loans allows community financial institutions to target three key issues of consumer lending: options to compete with other institutions other than interest rate, consumers' inability to manage debt visually, and consumers' difficulty paying down loans quickly for fear of needing the money later.


Kyndi's Explainable AI uses a unique ensemble of AI technologies and quantum emulation that reads and comprehends unstructured data (text) for risk mitigation and compliance for financial services executives.


Live.Give.Save. encourages balanced spending, saving and giving habits, particularly for millennials.

Mawi Solutions

Mawi Solutions' wristband uses an ECG-based method of authentication to make payments via wearables more secure.


moneyamigo's platform challenges the lack of simple & clustered "money & life" services and provides a fast and friendly solution that truly makes a difference.

Mr. Cooper

Mr. Cooper promotes intelligent homeownership and a simplified home loan process.


NTT DATA has created a social community to share investment experience, knowledge, and lessons.

NuData Security'

NuData Security's NuDevice ID uses behavioral biometrics with aggregated data to create less friction and more security across different devices for financial institutions.

Omega Point

Omega Point's portfolio performance enhancement platform uses a unique, easy-to-use visual interface to provide quantitative knowledge and resources for traditional portfolio managers.


Ondot uses crowd sourced payments data with real time analytics and machine learning algorithms to improve automation, trust, control and management of invisible payments.


Paysend is revolutionising the holding, moving and spending of money in a Global Account that unifies fiat and crypto currencies with a virtual and physical card.


plynty's mobile-first platform and application provide effective and engaging retirement and financial planning tools that deliver high-quality advice and a positive experience.

Project Finance

Project Finance helps people in their mid-30s navigate the uncertainty around personal finance decision-making.


ProxToMe's proximity-based authentication technology uses a proprietary algorithm that combines proximity certification with identity assurance to combat user-to-machine interactions vulnerable to man-in-the-middle attacks for mission-critical IoT devices.


One of the greatest vulnerabilities of the traditional paper check is that the account number is clearly visible. QCheque masks the account number with an encrypted QR code, and then facilitates every aspect of the paper check processing rail in accordance with applicable laws, rules and regulations.

Q2 Software

Q2 Software Biller Direct offers card payments for bill pay, wrapped in a modern user experience to target costly economic model of bill pay.


Roostify uses an easily-configurable, API-based software solution to improve the mortgage process for consumers, lenders, and real estate professionals.


SaleMove's omnichannel customer engagement platform targets the disjointed online customer experience for large enterprises (typically financial services) providing complex products online.


Sperse's Cash Flow Outlook, a cloud based software solves cash management challenges for businesses of any size.

Status Money

Status Money's personal finance platform uses anonymous peer comparisons to reveal competitive spending on financial products.


SuperMoney's Dealer Financing Platform offers affordable and efficient point of sale financing options for customers of small and medium businesses.


Stratyfy's software uses a differentiated approach, powered by proprietary technology, to target unfairness and biases common in credit risk decisioning for consumer lenders.

Trusona Executive

Trusona Executive uses patented anti-replay technologies with a frictionless #NoPasswords experience to solve insecure and inconvenient static credential-based multi-factor authentication for financial institutions and banks.


Swych's global blockchain framework creates an alternative way for cryptocurrencies to be used through its global shopping and gifting network featuring thousands of retailers.


Wealthucate is a financial wellness solution for the workplace, powered by an algorithm that automates financial planning for the employee so they get unbiased and affordable advice. The employer can personalize the experience, track progress, and receive valuable insights.

Windward Studios

Windward Studios' embedded software solution uses a standard web browser with familiar design features, functionality and free-form design control to generate high-volume data-powered reports for software companies and enterprises.


Zuma's white-label invoice financing platform offers automated underwriting processes and lowers transaction costs for banks.