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Key Sessions

Jeffrey Sherman

Rising Treasury Yields are Just Getting Started – Why You Need to Watch the 30 Year Treasury

DoubleLine Capital LP

Jerome Schneider

Opportunities at the Front End of the Yield Curve


Nov 13
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9:00am - 9:10am 10 mins
Opening Remarks
  • Presenter John Swolfs - CEO, Inside ETFs
9:10am - 9:50am 40 mins
It’s the Economy, Stupid: What Rising Inflation, Trade Wars & the Powell Fed Mean for Bondholders
  • Moderator Carolina Wilson - Journalist, Bloomberg News
  • Panelist Christopher Alwine - Principal & Global Head of Credit Fixed Income Group, Vanguard
  • Panelist David Lebovitz - Executive Director, Global Market Strategist, J.P. Morgan Asset Management
  • Panelist Michael McClary - CIO, TOPS Portfolios/ ValMark Financial Group

Inflation is stirring, trade wars have kicked off, interest rates are rising and Italy is threatening to leave the euro. Is this the year the bear market in bonds accelerates, or do we tread water while stamping higher coupons? Inside ETFs brings together the world’s leading economists and bond managers to share what lies ahead in 2019.

9:50am - 10:10am 20 mins
Why Passive Is Right for Stocks But Active Is Right for Bonds
  • Moderator Matt Hougan - Chairman, Inside ETFs
  • Presenter David Kotok - Chairman/CIO, Cumberland Advisors

In an environment where volatility is on the rise, the Fed is shrinking its balance sheet and duration management is key, is a debt-weighted index really the optimal approach to fixed-income investing? Inside Fixed Income invites a legend to the stage to put an end to the raging debate about active vs. passive and why now is the time for active bond management.

10:10am - 10:50am 40 mins
Fixing Income With Smart Beta: Can It Work, or Are the Available Premiums Too Small to Matter?
  • Moderator Drew Voros - Editor-in-Chief, ETF.com
  • Panelist Sal Bruno - CIO, IndexIQ by New York Life Investments
  • Panelist Andy Martin - President, 7Twelve Advisors, LLC
  • Panelist Tim Urbanowicz - Senior Fixed Income ETF Strategist, Invesco

Factors and smart beta have taken the equity markets by storm, promising better risk-adjusted returns. But debates remain in fixed income: The factors are more opaque, and others argue the available premiums are too small to capture. Join our fixed-income experts as they discuss smart-beta strategies and the role they play in bond allocations.

10:50am - 11:20am 30 mins
Networking Break
11:20am - 11:40am 20 mins
Advisors Under the Microscope: Why & How I Built My Portfolio
  • Moderator Benjamin Morris - ETF Product Manager, Bloomberg LP
  • Panelist Steve Frazier - President, Frazier Investment Management
  • Panelist Henry Ma - President & CIO, Julex Capital Management, LLC

You read it right … we invited the top fixed-income portioners to put their portfolios under a microscope, giving you the chance to quiz them on every allocation choice and fund choice they’ve made, and to share how they’re navigating a changing interest rate environment, meeting client income needs and managing liquidity issues. This can’t-miss session is packed with real-world insight from managing real-time client portfolios.

11:40am - 12:00pm 20 mins
From Ideas to Implementation: 20 Minutes With Anne Mathias
  • Moderator John Swolfs - CEO, Inside ETFs
  • Presenter Anne Mathias - Senior Strategist, Fixed Income Group, Vanguard

An investment thesis only works when you have the right solution. In this fast-paced session, we sit down with Anne Mathias, senior strategist in the Vanguard Fixed Income group, to take the lessons we learned in our opening session and bring them to life by sharing actionable solutions that could work today, tomorrow and beyond.

12:00pm - 12:30pm 30 mins
The Fixed-Income Grab Bag
  • Panelist Dan Fox - President & Founder, BBA Strategies
  • Panelist Benjamin Lavine - CIO, 3D Asset Management
  • Panelist Bill Zox - CIO-Fixed Income, Diamond Hill Capital Management, Inc.

High yield, senior loans and closed-end funds have all seen better days. With a major market downturn, can these niche exposures continue to deliver yield, or is 2019 the year to move on?  Join our three experts as they share their insight on the outlook of these strategies, and why moving on is not the answer.

12:30pm - 1:20pm 50 mins
Networking Lunch
1:20pm - 2:00pm 40 mins
Rising Treasury Yields are Just Getting Started – Why You Need to Watch the 30 Year Treasury
  • Presenter Jeffrey Sherman - Deputy Chief Investment Officer, DoubleLine Capital LP

When it comes to making a call on the bond market, few—if any—rival DoubleLine when it comes to timing and accuracy. We invited Deputy CIO Jeffrey Sherman to take the Inside Fixed Income stage to share his latest research, how it’s impacting his view of bonds and why he thinks rates are just beginning to rise.

2:00pm - 2:20pm 20 mins
10 Questions in 20 Minutes: The Agg Is Broken
  • Moderator John Swolfs - CEO, Inside ETFs
  • Presenter Benjamin Christensen - Executive Director, JP Morgan

Since the financial crisis, the agg has quietly morphed, resulting in a different experience than investors expected. Join us as we sit down with J.P. Morgan’s Benjamin Christensen to discuss one of the most critical issues facing investors today, and how to position your portfolio for the rising rate environment.

2:20pm - 2:50pm 30 mins
Cash Is Not Trash: How to Get the Most Out of Ultra-Safe Investments
  • Moderator Carolina Wilson - Journalist, Bloomberg News
  • Panelist Mo Haghbin - SVP, Head of Product, OppenheimerFunds
  • Panelist Nick Maroutsos - Co-Head of Global Bonds | Portfolio Manager, Janus Henderson Investors
  • Panelist Bryan Novak - Senior Managing Director, Astor Investment Management LLC

Flows into short-term bond ETFs have been massive, but investors are leaving yield on the table by not researching all their options. In this critical session, we discuss how to get the most out of the area of the market that yields the least, and discuss the role these strategies have in investor portfolios.

2:50pm - 3:10pm 20 mins
Opportunities at the Front End of the Yield Curve
  • Presenter Jerome Schneider - Managing Director and Head of Short-Term Portfolio Management, PIMCO

By focusing on active management, ultra-short and short-term bond investors can potentially earn higher yields with less interest rate risk without sacrificing liquidity or flexibility. In this session, we’ll discuss how and why the front end of the yield curve represents an opportunity for investors today.

3:10pm - 3:40pm 30 mins
Networking Break
3:40pm - 4:10pm 30 mins
Global Bonds vs. Local Bonds: Should Investors Worry About Home-Country Bias?
  • Moderator Matt Hougan - Chairman, Inside ETFs
  • Panelist Jay Pelosky - CIO & Co-Founder, TPW Investment Management
  • Panelist Bob Smith - President & CIO, Sage Advisory Services

People talk about home-country bias in stocks all the time. But in bonds? Most of us invest solely within our own borders. In a total-return environment, does that make sense? Are there untapped opportunities in the global bond market? In this fast-paced session, we debate and discuss the value of buying local versus global, currency risk, hedging your portfolio and how to make the right choice, every time.

4:10pm - 4:30pm 20 mins
An Institutional Approach to Fixed-Income Investing
  • Moderator Tom Lydon - Editor & Publisher, ETF Trends
  • Presenter Leighton Shantz - Director of Fixed Income, Employees Retirement System of Texas

It’s rare that you get to hear from one of the leading institutional investors discussing how they’re positioning their portfolio in today’s market. This is your chance: Employees Retirement System of Texas Director of Fixed Income Leighton Shantz takes the Inside Fixed Income stage to discuss his approach to today’s challenging market.

4:30pm - 5:00pm 30 mins
WTF: Politics, Policy & Populism: What Geopolitical & Trade Risk Mean for Your Portfolio
  • Presenter Michael Arone - Chief Investment Strategist for the SPDR® Americas Business, State Street Global Advisors

Uncertainty about the euro, turmoil in Italy, rising trade frictions in the U.S. … WTF is happening in the world? What does it mean for markets, and how volatile could it get? The time for answers is now! Join the conversation, raise your concerns and get a glimpse into the future of the world.

5:00pm - 6:30pm 90 mins
Vanguard Cocktail Reception

RedO Restaurant 

143 Newport Center Dr, Newport Beach, CA 92660