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22 November 2018

What Does the FX Global Code of Conduct Mean for Your Business?

A Don't-Miss Update for the Sell-Side, and an Exploration of Remaining Barriers to Buy-Side Adoption

One year in, the FX Global Code of Conduct has been signed by more than 300 firms. How is it changing the FX space, and what do you need to know going forward?

Keep Pace With the FX World

Taking Stock of the Global Code

Representatives of firms which have signed the Code will discuss their experience living and working with its requirements.They will also address outstanding challenges, appropriate frequencies for attestations, and how to best manage challenges around disclosure. 

These morning sessions are broadly relevant, but may be most interesting to larger sell-side firms keen to benchmark themselves against their peers. 

Addressing Barriers to Adoption

More than 200 firms have signed the FX Global Code, but buy-side adoption has been slower than anticipated. Our afternoon sessions explore barriers to adoptions, examine how these barriers can be overcome, and address the importance of buy-side buy-in. 

Issues such as resolving concerns around the last look window and pre-hedging clients orders in accordance with the code will be discussed in roundtables and solo presentations. 

Preparing for the Future of FX

Spurred on by changing regulations, an onslaught of new financial technologies, and ever-evolving risks, FX markets are changing -- and fast! What must be done to keep the FX Global Code relevant to changing times? 

A series of forward-looking sessions will address how the FX Global Code of Conduct can be kept current in order to best deal with new regulations, the rise of cryptocurrencies, dynamic market conditions, and innovative applications of machine learning and artificial intelligence. 

Why does the FX Global Code matter?

$3 trillion
Estimated value of daily FX market
Firms which have signed the FX Global Code of Conduct
Share of Signing Firms from the Buy-Side

Keynote session

An Introduction to the FX Global Code of Conduct

Led by ADRIAN BOEHLER, Global Co-Head of FXLM and Commodity Derivatives at BNP Paribas

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