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7:30am 8:20am (50 mins)

Networking Event

Breakfast & Registration

8:20am 8:35am (15 mins)

Main agenda

Welcome Remarks

  • Monette Windsor - Managing Director, MUFG Investor Services

8:35am 9:20am (45 mins)

Main agenda


Addressing the most important industry headlines of the year. Obtain new perspectives on what is changing in the business for better or worse.

  • David Zirin - Chief Operating Officer, Pentwater Capital Management LP
  • Moderator Daniel Trentacosta - Executive Director - Business Development, MUFG Investor Services
  • Andrew Siegel - Partner, Chief Compliance Officer and Chief Regulatory Counsel, Perella Weinberg Partners
  • John Richardson - Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel, Ionic Capital Management LLC
  • Tracy Schwartz - Chief Operating Officer, White Elm Capital LLC
  • Heath Weisberg - General Counsel, CAM Capital

9:20am 10:00am (40 mins)

Main agenda


Liquidity, side pockets, issues across strategies and much much more in this real time ODD meeting that will get to the heart of transparency and communication challenges between managers and investors. 

  • Moderator Devinder Sangha - Partner, Operational Due Diligence, Albourne America LLC
  • Scott D. Pomfret - Regulatory Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer, Highfields Capital Management LP.
  • Marc L. Baum - Chief Administrative Officer and General Counsel, Serengeti Asset Management
  • Terence Brady - Director of Operational Due Diligence, Corbin Capital Partners

10:00am 10:50am (50 mins)

Main agenda


In the past 20 years, the field of Sport and Performance Psychology has grown exponentially to improve the performance of athletes from the PGA Tour to the NBA to the Olympics. These research findings can help all high-performers who work in achievement domains.

Dr. Gio Valiante has been the sport psychologist for some of golf's best players including US Open Champion Justin Rose, Players Champions Matt Kuchar and Davis Love III. He has been named: Sport Psychologist of the Year by The Golf Channel & Top 40 Under 40 to Influence the game of Golf by Golf Magazine.  He is currently the in-resident performance coach for Point72 asset management. 

Introduction and Q&A by Jay Peller, Citco Fund Services  (USA) Inc. 

  • Dr. Gio Valiante
  • Jay Peller - Managing Director , Citco Fund Services (USA) Inc.

10:50am 11:20am (30 mins)

Networking Event

Coffee Break

11:20am 12:05pm (45 mins)

Main agenda


Ingrid Pierce, Walkers interviews Samantha Greenberg, Founder, Managing Partner and Chief Investment Officer, Margate.

Samantha Greenberg founded Margate in 2016. Samantha’s investing expertise focuses on companies in the media, technology, communications, consumer discretionary, and consumer staples industries. Prior to Margate, Samantha was a Partner and Media/Consumer sector head at Paulson & Co. Inc. Prior to Paulson & Co. Inc., Samantha was a Vice President in the Special Situations Group of Goldman Sachs. Samantha joined Goldman Sachs’ Special Situations Group from Chilton Investment Company. Samantha has been named to the Hedge Fund Journal/ Ernst & Young’s “50 Leading Women in Hedge Funds” and also was named as a “2016 Hedge Fund Rising Star” by Institutional Investor. 

  • Samantha Greenberg - Founder, Managing Partner and Chief Investment Officer, Margate
  • Ingrid Pierce - Global Managing Partner , Walkers

12:05pm 12:45pm (40 mins)

Main agenda


  • Andrew Kandel - Chief Compliance Officer and Co-General Counsel , Cerberus Capital Management
  • Mark D. Schein - Chief Compliance Officer and Managing Director, York Capital Management
  • Yesha Yadav - Professor of Law, Vanderbilt Law School

12:45pm 1:35pm (50 mins)

Main agenda


Tom Hardin shares his story about how he became an instrumental, key figure in what the FBI deemed “Operation Perfect Hedge” — a Wall Street housecleaning campaign that matured into the biggest insider trading case of this generation.

  • Tom Hardin - CEO, Tipper X Advisors, LLC

1:35pm 2:50pm (75 mins)

Networking Event

Private Lunches for CCOs, COOs, Heads of ODD (invite only)

Closed door.  C-Suite executives discuss their most challenging, controversial, and complex issues in a pure peer-to-peer forum. 

1:35pm 2:50pm (75 mins)

Networking Event

Speaker tables and topics

Table 1: The Past and Future of the SEC Whistleblower Program from the former Head....  Speaker: Sean McKessy, Phillips and Cohen

Table 2 Outsourcing in the first 3 years; C-Suite support for alternative asset managers Speaker: Helen E. Webb, HedgePort

Table 3: The Case for Shadowing; Hiring One Admin to Oversee it All   Speaker: Thomas Hess, COO & CCO, Corsair Capital Management, L.P.

Table 4: Identifying and Sourcing Quality Legal and Compliance Talent in a Tight Market   Speaker: David Claypoole

Table 5:Allocating Cybersecurity Costs, Brian Tsai, Ghost Tree Capital

Table 6: Valuation Considerations for Private Funds Speakers: Chris Franzek, Duff & Phelps and Stephan Forstmann, Duff & Phelps

Table 7:  SEC Focus in the Trump Era Speakers: Julian Korek, Duff & Phelps and Chris Lombardy, Duff & Phelps

  • David Claypoole - Founder & President, Parks Legal Placement
  • Thomas Hess - COO & CCO, Corsair Capital Management, L.P.
  • Chris Franzek - Managing Director, Duff & Phelps
  • Chris Lombardy - Managing Director, Duff & Phelps
  • Julian Korek - Managing Director, Duff & Phelps
  • Brian Tsai - COO/CFO, Ghost Tree Capital
  • Helen Webb - Chief Financial Officer, HedgePort
  • Sean McKessy - (Former Chief of the Securities and Exchange Commission Office of the Whistleblower), Phillips & Cohen LLP
  • Stephan Forstmann - Managing Director, Duff & Phelps

2:50pm 5:10pm (140 mins)

Main agenda

MINI-WORKSHOPS on ODD & OPERATIONS (Tables Repeat 3 times)

Rotation 1: 2:50pm   Table Switch: 3:30   

Rotation 2: 3:35pm Coffee break: 4:15pm 

Rotation 3: 4:30pm  Concludes: 5:10

Table 1: What is Brexit’s Impact on Distribution in the EU?  Speaker: Jérôme de Lavenère Lussan, Laven Partners and Lucy Frew, Partner, Walkers

Table 2: Operational Alpha: How to Use Tech to Improve Margins  Speakers:  Michelle Dobbins, Masters Capital Management, LLC and Michael Hutner, Eze Software and Adam J. Reback,  J. Goldman & Co., L.P.

Table 3: Next Generation Data Management - real-world examples of initiatives undertaken and business benefits they were able to derive from artificial intelligence and big data platforms.  Speaker: Gurvinder Singh, Indus Valley Partners 

Table 4: Operational Due Diligence: Where to Obtain the Efficiencies in Time and Cost  Speakers: David Warsoff, J.P. Morgan Alternative Asset Management and Mark DeGaetano, KKR Prisma

Table 5: ODD: What’s New, What’s Old, What’s Important, What’s Noise?Speaker: Thomas Hess, Corsair Capital Management and Kurt Locher, One William Street 

Table 6: Streamlining Operational Workflows:  using new tools like wikis, decision engines, and data centralization to monitor operational tasks and procedures and more...Speakers: Chris Crawford, Chief Operating Officer, Mizuho Alternative Investments, LLC and Raj Sultanian, CEO, PredictiveOps & Lorelei Graye

Table 7:Anatomy of an Actual Cyber Claim: One Breach; Four Different Insurance Policies Triggered  Speaker: Richard A. Maloy, Jr, Integro

Table 8: Expense and Investment Allocations: Drafting Adequate Policies, Implementing Best Practices, Addressing Trouble Areas, Including Board Members  Speakers: Peter M. Brown, Alternative Investment Management, LLC  and Adam Cohen, Perella Weinberg Partners

  • Jérôme de Lavenère Lussan - CEO, Laven Partners
  • David Warsoff - Executive Director, J.P. Morgan Alternative Asset Management
  • Thomas Hess - COO & CCO, Corsair Capital Management, L.P.
  • Chris Crawford - Chief Operating Officer , Mizuho Alternative Investments, LLC
  • Raj Sultanian - CEO, Predictive
  • Lucy Frew - Partner, Walkers
  • Mark DeGaetano - Director, KKR Prisma
  • Kurt Locher, One William Street
  • Michael Hutner - Executive Managing Director, Americas Sales, North American Sales at Eze Software
  • Michelle Dobbins - Chief Financial Officer, Masters Capital Management, LLC
  • Adam Reback - Chief Compliance Officer, J. Goldman & Co., L.P.
  • Gurvinder Singh - CEO and Co-Founder, Indus Valley Partners
  • Richard A. Maloy, Jr. - Managing Principal, Asset Management Practice, Integro Insurance Brokers
  • Adam Cohen - Managing Director, Perella Weinberg Partners
  • Lorelei Graye - Principal & Plan Sponsor Consultant, Leodoran Financial

4:15pm 4:30pm (15 mins)

Networking Event

Coffee Break

2:51pm 3:31pm (40 mins)

Main agenda

Increased Investor Transparency

  • Moderator Peter Sanchez - Executive Vice President/ CEO of Hedge Fund Services, Northern Trust
  • Ranjan Bhaduri - Chief Research Officer, Sigma Analysis & Management Ltd.
  • Kathleen Olin - Senior Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer, Indus Capital Partners, LLC

3:30pm 3:35pm (5 mins)

Main agenda

Room Change

3:35pm 4:15pm (40 mins)

Main agenda

Cash Management (in a Basel III World)

From an ODD and Operations perspective, how are recent changes in the traditional custodian and prime brokerage models and the proliferation of SMA accounts changing and influencing innovation in cash management.

  • Moody Enayetallah - Director of Operations, GoldenTree Asset Management LP
  • Louise Curbishley - CFO, Hitchwood Capital
  • Lindsay DeGrazia - Vice President, Goldman Sachs Asset Management
  • Moderator Pat O’Callaghan - Vice President, Global Head of Client Portfolio Management, Goldman Sachs Asset Management

4:15pm 4:30pm (15 mins)

Networking Event

Coffee Break

4:30pm 5:10pm (40 mins)

Main agenda

Private Equity Ops and Compliance Update

  • Moderator Christopher Slavin - Partner and Head of Private Markets Operational Due Diligence, Albourne Partners (Canada) Limited
  • Christie D'Amour - Chief Operating Officer, Emory Investment Management
  • Adam Cohen - Managing Director, Perella Weinberg Partners
  • Ryan Plante - Partner & Head of Operational Due Diligence , Private Advisors, LLC

2:52pm 5:12pm (140 mins)

Main agenda

MINI-WORKSHOPS on COMPLIANCE (Tables Repeat 3 times)

Rotation 1: 2:50pm   Table Switch: 3:30   

Rotation 2: 3:35pm Coffee break: 4:15pm 

Rotation 3: 4:30pm  Concludes: 5:10

Table 1:  Financial Ratio Reporting to NFA: new requirements for CPOs and CTAs including how to calculate the ratios, recordkeeping and NFA's examination approach  Speakers: Patricia L. Cushing, Director, Compliance, National Futures Association and Regina G. Thoele, Senior Vice President of Compliance, National Futures Association and Deborah Monson, Ropes & Gray LLP

Table 2: Clarifying Margin Rules on Non-Cleared Securities (And, Impact on Managers in the Year Ahead  Speaker: Serge Todorovich, Prosiris Capital Management LP

Table 3: SEC Exams: From Your Peers – How to Prepare  Speakers:Michael D'Angelo, Saba Capital Management & Marc Baum, Serengeti

Table 4: Trends in Legal and Compliance Compensation and Staffing at Alternative Managers  Speaker: David Claypoole, Parks Legal Placement

Table 5: Counterparty Failure “Playbook”. A step-by-step guide to maintaining business continuity through the failure of a key counterparty  Speakers: Frederick C. Wasch, Raging Capital Management, LLC & Dan Weinstein, S3 Partners

Table 6:  What the SEC’s New Initiatives Mean for You  Speaker: Stephen Cohen, Former Associate Director in the Securities and Exchange Commission’s Division of Enforcement and Stuart Kaswell, MFA

Table 7:Fee Allocation, Investor Negotiation and Management Liability Insurance Premiums Speakers: Ishpreet Chadha, ABS Investment Management LLC and  Paul Figliozzi, Marsh

Table 8: How to Develop Effective Compliance Controls Customized to Your Firm’s Strategy Speakers: Chris Franzek, Duff & Phelps  and Chris Lombardy, Duff & Phelps

Table 9: Navigating the Common Reporting Standard: impact on funds, including when they deal with investors in nonparticipating jurisdictions; the coordination of the requirements with FATCA; and, enforcement and the importance of a compliance framework.  Speaker: Denise Hintzke, Deloitte 

Table 10: The Latest and Greatest on MiFID  Speaker: Jiri Krol, AIMA

Table 11: Investor Data:  Where Ignorance Meets Negligence - beneficial ownership data requirements related to new regulations on treasury customer due diligence plus OECD CRS Speaker: Meredith Moss, Finomial 

  • Patricia L. Cushing - Director, Compliance, National Futures Association
  • Regina G. Thoele - Senior Vice President, Compliance, National Futures Association
  • Michael D’Angelo - General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer , Saba Capital Management
  • Stephen Cohen - (former Associate Director in the Securities and Exchange Commission’s Division of Enforcement)/ Partner, Sidley Austin LLP
  • David Claypoole - Founder & President, Parks Legal Placement
  • Serge Todorovich - General Counsel, Shenkman Capital Management, Inc.
  • Chris Franzek - Managing Director, Duff & Phelps
  • Ishpreet Chadha - Legal and Operational Due Diligence Analyst, ABS Investment Management LLC
  • Denise Hintzke - Director, Financial Services Tax Practice, Deloitte
  • Peter Brown - Partner, Alternative Investment Management, LLC
  • Frederick Wasch - Chief Financial Officer, Raging Capital Management, LLC
  • Daniel Weinstein - Managing Director/ Head of Counterparty Risk Solutions, S3 Partners
  • Deborah Monson - Partner, Ropes & Gray LLP
  • Jiří Król - Deputy CEO, Global Head of Government Affairs , The Alternative Investment Management Association Ltd
  • Stuart Kaswell - Executive Vice President and Managing Director, General Counsel, Managed Funds Association
  • Meredith Moss - Chief Executive Officer, Finomial Corporation
  • Chris Lombardy - Managing Director, Duff & Phelps
  • Paul Figliozzi - Managing Director, Marsh Inc
  • Marc L. Baum - Chief Administrative Officer and General Counsel, Serengeti Asset Management

4:15pm 4:30pm (15 mins)

Networking Event

Coffee Break

2:53pm 5:13pm (140 mins)

Main agenda


*****This Personal Development Workshop runs at 2:50, 3:35 & 4:30*****

Clients like to engage with executives who are concise, clear and impactful. You need to offer a compelling rationale for action and create an atmosphere of trust and conviction.

This highly interactive workshop will show you what clients want when you present, and how you can deliver a message with both impact and authority no matter the audience or setting.

  • Jason Blackwell - Consultant, Templar Advisors

4:15pm 4:30pm (15 mins)

Networking Event

Coffee Break

5:15pm 6:15pm (60 mins)

Networking Event

Cocktails on the Veranda