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8:30 am 9:15 am (45 mins)

Main agenda

Breakfast & Registration

9:15 am 9:30 am (15 mins)

Main agenda

Chair's Opening Remarks

  • Michael Patanella - National Asset Management Sector Leader, Audit Partner, Grant Thornton

9:30 am 10:15 am (45 mins)

Main agenda

The Alternative Investing World: A Good Time for Emerging Managers?

  • Current outlook for the alternative investment market
  • What strategies make the wider alternative investment market?
  • How is the investor profile developing?
  • Current sentiment towards emerging managers
  • Ian Morley - Chairman, Wentworth Hall
  • Josh Zweig - Managing Director, Cambridge Associates
  • Raymond Jackson - Managing Director, Franklin Park
  • Adam Choppin - Manager Research, FIS Group

10:15 am 10:30 am (15 mins)

Main agenda

Ireland Update

  • Update on Ireland as an asset management location
  • Irish structures (regulated and unregulated)
  • Options for start-up managers
  • Billy McMahon - Director, Grant Thornton

10:30 am 11 am (30 mins)

Main agenda

Networking Coffee Break

11 am 11:45 am (45 mins)

Main agenda

The Regulation of Alternative Funds

  • Understanding the basics of current alternative fund regulation
    • regulation that most affects startups and emerging manage
  • Meeting the needs of investors; the regulatory framework they are looking for
  • Gaining investor trust through regulatory compliance
  • Key points under the Dodd Frank Act
    • adviser registration
    • Form PF
    • AML
    • Blue sky laws
  • When is SEC registration required?
  • Assessing other regulatory threats on the horizon and the proactive steps to tackle them
  • Marc Elovitz - Partner, Schulte Roth & Zabel
  • David Payne - Director of the Americas, AMS Financial Group
  • Steve Goldberg - Director, Grant Thornton
  • Michael Byl - Director, Gartland & Mellina Group
  • Dara Keogh - Partner, Grant Thornton

11:45 am 12:30 pm (45 mins)

Main agenda

Effective Marketing & Fundraising for New & Emerging Managers

  • How to connect with potential investors
  • Maintaining a high quality marketing message
  • Identifying who to contact
  • Key questions an investor will ask
    •  what is it that you offer?
    •  what sets you apart?
    •  why should I invest?
  • Using a third party marketer
  • What forms of advertising are effective, if any?
  • Michelle Noyes - COO, AIMA NY
  • Bryan Johnson - Managing Partner, Johnson & Co
  • Joshua Sobeck - Partner, 747 Capital

12:30 pm 1:30 pm (60 mins)

Main agenda


1:30 pm 2:20 pm (50 mins)

Private Equity Stream

Outlook for Private Equity Investment & the Emergence of New Managers

  • Investor sentiment to private equity funds
  • Is the role of the private equity investor changing as we see more co-investments and direct investments
  • New private equity fund launches
  • How is the relationship between investors and private equity funds evolving?
  • Andrew Day - Partner, Kirkland & Ellis
  • Andy Unanue - Managing Partner, AUA Private Equity Partners
  • Brian Moore - Partner, Tax Practice Leader, Grant Thornton

2:20 pm 3 pm (40 mins)

Private Equity Stream

What do Investors look for when Performing Due Diligence on Private Equity Funds

  • What do investors expect from their due diligence meetings?
  • What questions should investors ask
  • How does the due diligence process differ depending on the private debt strategy?
  • How can investors measure operational risk?
  • Jason Scharfman - Managing Partner, Corgentum

2:50 pm 3:30 pm (40 mins)

Private Equity Stream

Private Equity: Tactical Tips from a Books & Records Perspective

  • Peter Ladas - Senior Manager, Grant Thornton
  • Steven Huttler - Partner, Sadis & Goldberg
  • Gary Rossmann - Senior Vice President, U.S. Bancorp Fund Services

1:30 pm 2:15 pm (45 mins)

Hedge Fund Stream

The Experiences of Emerging & Startup Managers: Lessons Learnt & Pitfalls to Avoid

  • Recent experiences of starting and growing a hedge fund
  • What challenges will a startup face
  • Choosing partners: both employees and external providers
  • Raising capital and gaining investment
    • which investors are most receptive to new managers?
  • Getting the marketing and your story right
    • getting the investor onside with a good first impression
    • selling the management team’s story
    • selling your strategy
  • Strategies for growing AUM
  • Michael Patanella - National Asset Management Sector Leader, Audit Partner, Grant Thornton
  • Ian Morley - Chairman, Wentworth Hall
  • Svetlana Lee - CIO & Portfolio Manager, Varna Capital
  • Ben Borton - Principal, Mountaineer Partners
  • Eric Salzman - COO/CFO, Destrier Capital Management

2:15 pm 3 pm (45 mins)

Hedge Fund Stream

The Art and Science of Operational Due Diligence

  • The importance of sound operations and solid governance to attract capital
  • What an emerging manager can do to mitigate operational risks
  • How has the due diligence process evolved to address private fund innovations?
  • What are today’s operational hot topics?
  • Insider tips for an effective onsite visit
  • Michelle Kline - Director, Catalina Partners
  • Julianne Recine - Director of Operational Due Diligence & COO, Sciens Investment Management
  • Ryan Plante - Partner & Head of Operational Due Diligence , Private Advisors
  • Frank Perez - Operational Due Diligence Manager, Makena Capital Management

3 pm 3:30 pm (30 mins)

Hedge Fund Stream

Fund Governance

  • The importance of fund governance
  • Role of fund boards
  • Governance committees
  • Board composition considerations
  • Investor expectations of fund boards

  • Ebony Myles-Berry - Fund Director, IMS

3:30 pm 4 pm (30 mins)

Main agenda

Networking Coffee Break

4:15 pm 5 pm (45 mins)

Main agenda

Seeding, Acceleration & Strategic Partnerships

  • Working with partners to build infrastructure and a solid foundation
  • Capitalisation: How to determine the amount of assets your fund will need to become profitable
  • Understanding the different types of partners available to your fund and what will fit in best
  • Will we see a continuing shift from seeders to acceleration deals?
  • Peter Murrugarra - Managing Director, ClearVest
  • Eli Kent - Managing Partner, Moody Aldrich Partners
  • Howard Kurz - Founding Principal & CIO, Lily Pond Capital Management

5 pm 5:45 pm (45 mins)

Main agenda

What Do Investors Want to See When Investing in Startup & Emerging Managers

  • Defining ‘emerging managers’? Is it by AUM or track record
  • Where do emerging managers fit within the overall portfolio allocation
    • separate bucket or integrated within the different asset classes
  • Why emerging managers are attractive in the current investment environment
  • Are allocations to emerging managers increasing or decreasing
  • What is the best medium for managers to reach out to potential investors
  • What qualities do investors look for in emerging managers? 
    • prior track record
    • number of years of investment experience
    • certain amount of AUM
    • Are there any flags that would preclude a manager from being considered for inclusion?
  • Is the due diligence process that used for an emerging manager different in any way than that for other managers? 
  • Are the requirements to invest in an emerging manager (i.e., in terms of transparency, managed account) different than those for other managers?
  • Cara Fleckenstein - Managing Director, Agecroft Partners
  • Ari Glass - Managing Member, Boothbay Management
  • Dimitri Sogoloff - CEO, Horton Point
  • Matthew Glasofer - Partner, Director of Research, Corbin Capital Partners

5:45 pm 7:15 pm (90 mins)

Main agenda

End of Conference & Evening Drinks Reception