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12 pm 6 pm (360 mins)

Main agenda

Registration Open

Registration will be from 12:00pm - 6:00pm on Sunday on the Grand Ballroom level. 

2 pm 2:50 pm (50 mins)

ETF University & Advisor Accelerator Workshop

ETFs 101: Understanding & Evaluating ETFs—Risks & Opportunities

The 4th annual ETF University kicks off with a crash course designed to turn the ETF novice into an ETF guru. This 50-minute session highlights the core principles of ETF due diligence and how to get it right every time.

  • Presenter Matt Hougan - CEO, Inside ETFs
  • Presenter Michael Iachini - Vice President, Head of Manager Research, Charles Schwab Investment Advisory
  • Presenter Todd Rosenbluth - Senior Director of ETF & Mutual Fund Research, CFRA

2:50 pm 3:10 pm (20 mins)

ETF University & Advisor Accelerator Workshop

ETFs 201: Trading ETFs Effectively—10 Questions With an Institutional Market Maker

Trading ETFs can be tricky at times, with investors leaving real money on the table. In this quick-moving session, a market maker answers the 10 most pressing questions when it comes to trading ETFs.

  • Moderator Ugo Egbunike - Credit Trader, Millennium Advisors
  • Presenter William Stush - Managing Director & Head of Trading, Flow Traders US Institutional Trading

3:10 pm 3:30 pm (20 mins)

ETF University & Advisor Accelerator Workshop

ETFs 301: Fixed-Income ETFs—Getting Active

Everything you know about fixed-income investing is outdated; traditional approaches offer few solutions. Next-gen fixed-income ETFs offer low-cost, liquid access to navigate the new normal. A fixed-income expert highlights new solutions that adapt and pivot to keep pace.

  • Presenter Natalie Zahradnik - Executive Vice President, PIMCO

3:30 pm 4 pm (30 mins)

ETF University & Advisor Accelerator Workshop

ETFs 401: Factoring in Smart Beta—Strategies for Volatile Markets

Smart-beta ETFs are here to stay, proving a useful tool for all, but only when used correctly. Hear a smart-beta expert explain why all factors don’t work in all markets, and identify key catalysts for deploying the right factors at the right time.

  • Presenter Michael LaBella - Portfolio Manager, QS Investors

4 pm 4:20 pm (20 mins)

ETF University & Advisor Accelerator Workshop

Networking Break

4:20 pm 4:50 pm (30 mins)

ETF University & Advisor Accelerator Workshop

Advisor Accelerator: Rethinking Diversification—Insights From a Leading Advisor

Traditional diversification has let us down. Correlations between asset classes are up, and in times of crisis, correlations spike to 1. In this keynote speech, famed investment researcher Larry Swedroe examines a new approach to diversification that could revolutionize how you build portfolios for clients. Rather than using asset classes to diversify our portfolios, can we get better results diversifying among factors? See how this new insight can prepare you and your clients for the years to come.

  • Presenter Larry Swedroe - Principal & Director of Research, The BAM Alliance

4:50 pm 5:20 pm (30 mins)

ETF University & Advisor Accelerator Workshop

Advisor Accelerator: Proving Worth—The Values of Affluent Millennials and How to Connect With Them

The financial advisory business was built on the success of the baby boomer generation. Millennials pose both the biggest threat to the traditional advisor model the biggest opportunity for future growth. In this critical session, learn how to connect to the new demographic and kick-start new growth.

  • Presenter Ned Dane - Head of the Private Client, Trust and Family Office Group, OppenheimerFunds

5:20 pm 5:50 pm (30 mins)

ETF University & Advisor Accelerator Workshop

Advisor Accelerator: The Future of Investment Advice in the Digital Age

The age of information has turned its attention to Wall Street, shining a bright light on fees and the role of an advisor. Learn how to leverage this same technology to fundamentally reshape your practice from an asset gatherer to wealth manager and keep pace with Silicon Valley. 

  • Presenter Michael Kitces - Partner & Director of Research, Pinnacle Advisory Group

5:50 pm 6:30 pm (40 mins)

ETF University & Advisor Accelerator Workshop

Advisor Accelerator: Fixing Your Clients’ Behavior—The Biggest Problem Never Solved

Media mogul and renowned investor Barry Ritholtz takes the stage to share his latest research on how your clients’ fear of the catastrophic and disregard of their investment mandate is costing you both money! Learn how to turn their behavior around and accelerate your business significantly.

  • Presenter Barry Ritholtz - Chairman & Chief Investment Officer, Ritholtz Wealth Management

2 pm 2:30 pm (30 mins)

How to Launch an ETF: 2nd Annual Workshop

The Next Trillion Dollars: An In-Depth Look at the ETF Market of Tomorrow

The next wave of ETF growth is just around the corner, but what that looks like is up for debate. Inside ETFs brings one of the leading minds in the ETF industry to deliver a state-of-the-ETF-union address on where we are, where we’re going, and where the next trillion dollars in investment will come from. 

  • Presenter Nigel Brashaw - Partner, PwC

2:30 pm 3:20 pm (50 mins)

How to Launch an ETF: 2nd Annual Workshop

How to Launch an ETF: A Step-By-Step Guide

The process of launching an ETF can be trying and difficult. In this session, ETF veterans open up about their journey, examining how they went from idea to assets, and outlining an in-depth how-to process for launching an ETF. Key topics include legal and regulatory concerns, index selection, distribution challenges and much, much more.

  • Moderator Todd Westby - CEO, Founder, T Hayes Consulting
  • Panelist Rob Hughes - Vice President, Head of Index & Advisor Solutions, Nasdaq
  • Panelist Christian Magoon - Founder & CEO, Amplify ETFs
  • Panelist Sam Masucci - Founder & CEO, ETF Managers Group
  • Panelist Jeremy Senderowicz - Partner, Dechert

3:20 pm 3:40 pm (20 mins)

How to Launch an ETF: 2nd Annual Workshop

Beyond the Bid & Ask: What It Takes to List & Trade a Successful ETF

One of the first things investors look at when evaluating a new ETF is its liquidity. In this highly engaging talk, Douglas Yones of the New York Stock Exchange shares his insight and first hand know-how on what it takes to create a tradable ETF, from listing to launch. 

  • Presenter Douglas Yones - Head of Exchange Traded Products, The New York Stock Exchange

3:40 pm 4 pm (20 mins)

How to Launch an ETF: 2nd Annual Workshop

Choosing Your Partners: What Matters When Selecting an ETF Service Provider

We all know it takes a village, and the same can be said for ETFs. Selecting who you partner with, where you custody and all those details are just as important as your investment theme. So don't mess it up: Gather firsthand knowledge from the people you’ll partner with.

  • Presenter Phil Nanof - ETF Product Specialist, State Street Global Services

4 pm 4:20 pm (20 mins)

How to Launch an ETF: 2nd Annual Workshop

Networking Break

4:20 pm 4:40 pm (20 mins)

How to Launch an ETF: 2nd Annual Workshop

How to Market & Sell Your ETF: Approaches That Work & Approaches That Don't

It’s a simple truth: The people who launch ETFs tend to be product people. But having perfect product ideas means nothing if you can’t sell them.  In this hard-hitting session, the best ETF sales and marketing experts we know discuss what they’ve learned on the ETF-asset-gathering battlefield.

  • Moderator John Swolfs - Director of Conference Content, Inside ETFs
  • Presenter Bobby Brooks - Managing Director & Head of Retail Sales, Deutsche Asset Management
  • Presenter Dodd Kittsley - Director, Davis Advisors

4:40 pm 5:20 pm (40 mins)

How to Launch an ETF: 2nd Annual Workshop

Lessons Learned: ETF Entrepreneurs Share What They Did Right … & What They’d Do Differently

In this unique session, we highlight ETF success stories, bringing together ETF entrepreneurs from big firms as well as scrappy startups to discuss what they did to separate themselves from the field, what they’re doing to stay ahead today, and what mistakes you can avoid as you follow in their footsteps.

  • Moderator Foster Wright - President & Global Head of Sales, Inside ETFs
  • Panelist Robert Deutsch - Managing Director, Head of ETFs, J.P. Morgan Asset Management
  • Panelist Kevin Quigg - Chief Strategist, ACSI Funds
  • Panelist Steve Quinn - Head of ETP Distribution, Janus

5:20 pm 5:50 pm (30 mins)

How to Launch an ETF: 2nd Annual Workshop

ETF Exit Strategies: A Conversation With a Leading ETF Investment Banker

We love it when a plan comes together, but what happens when it’s time to get out? How do you maximize your value, make sure your business is in the right hands and what your next steps will be? An ETF investor shares his story and the keys to a successful succession plan.

  • Moderator Matt Hougan - CEO, Inside ETFs
  • Panelist Peter Spinelli - Managing Director, Head, Asset Management Investment Banking, RBC Capital Markets

2 pm 2:50 pm (50 mins)

Inside ETFs Canada

The Future-Ready Advisor: ETFs & the Evolution of the Canadian Advisory Market

The Canadian advisory business is undergoing a sea change, following a similar pattern as the U.S. Facing ever-changing regulations and an evolving fee structure, our panelists discuss how sophisticated Canadian advisors are adapting and thriving, and how you can too.

  • Moderator Pat Bolland - Media, Pat Bolland Inc.
  • Presenter Bobby Eng - Head of SPDR® ETF Business Development for Canada, State Street Global Advisors
  • Presenter Margaret Gunawan - Managing Director, General Counsel & CCO, BlackRock Asset Management Canada
  • Presenter Jonathan Needham - Sales Manager, Vanguard Investments Canada

2:50 pm 3:20 pm (30 mins)

Inside ETFs Canada

Supercharging Your ETF Advisory Practice: 5 Keys to Striking It Big in Canada

ETF strategists were going to change the face of asset management, quickly becoming the darlings of the ETF industry. Oversaturation and the rise of smart-beta strategies have stalled growth for most. So what does it take to succeed in a crowded market? ETF champion and Canadian investor Tyler Mordy shares his five keys for financial advisors to win in this challenging market

  • Moderator Dave Nadig - CEO, ETF.com
  • Presenter Tyler Mordy - President, Forstrong Global Asset Management

3:20 pm 4 pm (40 mins)

Inside ETFs Canada

New Ideas for Risk Reduction in Canada: ETF Solutions to Today's Biggest Problems

The world is full of risk. How you manage it means the difference between a winning and losing portfolio. In this session, we take a look at ETF-based solutions to help Canadian advisors effectively manage risk. 

  • Moderator John Youn - Executive Managing Director, Questrade Wealth Management
  • Presenter Larry Berman - CIO & Partner, ETF Capital Management
  • Presenter Adam Butler - CEO, ReSolve Asset Management
  • Presenter Mark Stacey - Senior Vice President, Head of Portfolio Management & Co-Chief Investment Officer, HighStreet Asset Management
  • Presenter Daniel Straus - Analyst, National Bank of Canada

4 pm 4:20 pm (20 mins)

Inside ETFs Canada

Networking Break

4:20 pm 5 pm (40 mins)

Inside ETFs Canada

The Rise of the Canadian Robo Advisor

The Canadian robo advisor market is rich with competition and innovation, but massive assets are still largely a dream. What does the rise of Canadian robo advisors mean to traditional wealth managers? And how can you translate a challenge into an opportunity? We bring together the industry leaders to discuss, debate and decide.

  • Presenter Neville Joanes - Portfolio Manager & CCO, WealthBar

5 pm 5:50 pm (50 mins)

Inside ETFs Canada

The Outlook for Canada in 2017: What Could Go Wrong (& Right)?

Oil prices have steadied, global growth is minimal, Britain is leaving the EU and the Fed is on the path to higher rates. What does this all mean for Canadian investors? Hear leading Canadian asset managers share their outlook for the Canadian market and how they’re positioning clients.

  • Moderator Sumit Roy - ETF Analyst, ETF.com
  • Presenter Jared Dillian - Editor, The Daily Dirtnap
  • Presenter Deborah Frame - President & CIO, Frame Global Asset Management
  • Presenter Kurt Reiman - Chief Investment Strategist, BlackRock for Canada

6:30 pm 8 pm (90 mins)

Main agenda

The Inside ETFs Welcome Reception: A Party Fit for Champions

Inside ETFs once again puts the NFC’s Conference Title Game front and center at our Sunday night welcome reception, as we go bigger and better with more TVs, lounges for better networking opportunities, and an authentic tailgate feel on the South Lagoon Pool.