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Wednesday 7th - Friday 9th December

IPSAS Masterclass

A specially developed 3 day IPSAS programme, providing in-depth insight into key accounting principles, approaches, practice issues, latest industry emerging issues and best practices.

IPSAS Masterclass overview

  • Introduction to the IPSASB & Practical Application of IPSAS
  • Financial Reporting: Presentation of Financial Statements
  • Specific Standards for the Public Sector (coverage of all 38 IPSAS)
  • Non-Financial transactions
  • Financial Assets and Financial Liabilities
Coverage of All 38 IPSAS

We have specially developed this comprehensive programme to provide you with in-depth insight into:

  • Key Accounting Principles
  • Accounting Approaches
  • Practice Issues
  • Latest Industry Emerging Issues and
  • Best Practices
Hands-on - Learn by Doing

You will learn by doing through:

  • Real life case studies
  • examples and group exercises

Plus Access to IPSAS:

  • Templates
  • Tools
  • Models
  • Resources

Just some of the key benefits of attendance include

Understand accrual accounting
  • recognition of transactions
  • on and off-balance sheet disclosures
  • conceptual framework.
Hands on approach to learning
  • ensure improved accountability
  • provide a complete and accurate view of an entity's operations and financial performance
  • includes real-life case studies, examples and group exercises
Transitional requirements

Learn how to transition from your existing accounting standards to IPSAS.

Industry best practice

Gain full understanding of:

  • industry practices
  • presentation of transactions.
Access to IPSAS learning materials
  • IPSAS templates
  • IPSAS tools
  • IPSAS models and resources
Professional develoment
  • Opportunities to discover new career paths in IPSAS

Meet the Course Leader - Sunil Kansal

Sunil Kansal is an acknowledged expert and an international speaker in IFRS, US GAAP and IPSAS.  

He is the head of a UK based global consulting firm. Sunil is an experienced specialist educator and has conducted number of IPSAS workshops for governments, supranational and large public sector organisations. He has been providing advisory support to some of the leading Banking, insurance and non-financial institutions in relation to complex technical accounting issues including risk management strategies to deal with markets risks.

Who should attend the IPSAS Mastercourse?


Learn how to transition from existing accounting standards to IPSAS


Gain a full understanding of industry practices, specifically:

  • the presentation of transactions
  • disclosures

Gain an in-depth understanding of the:

  • accrual concept
  • recognition of transactions
  • on and off-balance sheet disclosures
  • conceptual framework

All 38 accrual-based & cash-based IPSAS covered

Accrual-based IPSAS
  • IPSAS 1  Presentation of Financial Statements
  • IPSAS 2  Cash Flow Statements
  • IPSAS 3  Accounting Policies, Changes in Accounting Estimates and Errors
  • IPSAS 4  The Effects of Changes in Foreign Exchange Rates
  • IPSAS 5  Borrowing Costs
  • IPSAS 6  Consolidated and Separate Financial Statements
  • IPSAS 7  Investments in Associates
  • IPSAS 8   Interests in Joint Ventures
  • IPSAS 9   Revenue from Exchange Transactions
  • IPSAS 10 Financial Reporting in Hyperinflationary Economies
  • IPSAS 11 Construction Contracts
  • IPSAS 12  Inventories
  • IPSAS 13  Leases
Accrual-based IPSAS
  • IPSAS 14  Events after the Reporting Date
  • IPSAS 15  Financial Instruments: Disclosure and Presentation
  • IPSAS 16  Investment Property
  • IPSAS 17  Property, Plant and Equipment
  • IPSAS 18  Segment Reporting
  • IPSAS 19  Provisions, Contingent Liabilities, Contingent Assets
  • IPSAS 20  Related Party Disclosures
  • IPSAS 21  Impairment of Non-Cash-Generating Assets
  • IPSAS 22  Disclosure of Financial Information about the General Government Sector
  • IPSAS 23  Revenue from Non-Exchange Transactions (Taxes and Transfers)
  • IPSAS 24  Presentation of Budget Information in Financial Statements
  • IPSAS 25  Employee Benefits
  • IPSAS 26  Impairment of Cash Generating Assets
Accrual & Cash-based IPSAS
  • IPSAS 27  Agriculture
  • IPSAS 28  Financial Instruments: Presentation
  • IPSAS 29  Financial Instruments: Recognition and Measurement
  • IPSAS 30  Financial Instruments: Disclosures
  • IPSAS 31  Intangible Assets
  • IPSAS 32  Service Concession Agreements
  • IPSAS 33  First-time Adoption of Accruals Basis IPSASs
  • IPSAS 34  Separate Financial Statements
  • IPSAS 35  Consolidated Financial Statements
  • IPSAS 36  Investments in Associates and Joint Ventures
  • IPSAS 37  Joint Arrangements
  • IPSAS 38  Disclosure of Interests in Other Entities

Cash-based IPSAS

  • Cash Basis IPSAS - Financial Reporting Under the Cash Basis of Accounting

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