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Guntram Werther Professor, Fox School of Business at Temple University


Guntram F. A Werther is a Professor teaching integrativeassessment and strategic management at the Fox School ofBusiness, Temple University. His doctorate is from WashingtonUniversity in St. Louis (1990), being defended with distinction andtwice nominated best doctoral dissertation in the USA within hisfield. It was published as the best book in its field in 1992 and isstill in print and frequently quoted today.

In 2012-2015, Dr. Werther worked at top-of-field levels in fiveseparate business disciplines. At top-of-government levels, theProgram Manager of the Office of The Director of NationalIntelligence Proteus Futures Program wrote in 2012: “I believe thathe is the leading practitioner of holistically forecasting futuretrends” (Auger 2012) and, in 2009, when this research washonored at the ODNI Intelligence Community Center forAcademic Excellence, the Proteus’ Executive Director termed it“unequaled” (Wimbish III, 2009). The Society of Actuaries’Extreme Risk Recognition Project selected him in 2012 to write amonograph on Extreme Event Foresight, Assessment andManagement and, upon completion, the SOA Oversight GroupDirector and Munich RE Vice President stated in 2013, “His skillsas a collaborator and insightful thinker would enhance even thestrongest academic institution or research team.”

Since 1992, Dr. Werther's research has focused on: 1) holisticallyexplaining emerging regional and global change dynamics, 2)holistically forecasting emerging futures, 3) developing better rareevent foresight and risk assessments within regional and globalmarkets, and 4) explaining the implications for strategy and themanagement of international operations (efficiency/comparativeadvantage) of emerging conflict (insurgency) syles.