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08:10 08:35 (25 mins)

Main agenda

Registration and welcome coffee

08:35 08:45 (10 mins)

Main agenda

Chair's welcome address

  • Maarten Vervoort - Managing Director, AlpInvest Partners

08:45 09:30 (45 mins)

Main agenda

Geography, globalisation and a new order

Special guest speaker

  • Tim Marshall - Former Diplomatic Editor and Foreign Correspondent, Sky News

09:30 10:00 (30 mins)

Main agenda

A new world order: what does this mean for private equity?

How are shifting global geopolitics and fiscal headwinds affecting how and where leading GPs choose to deploy capital? Are LPs right to be overly cautious of emerging markets today?

  • Moderator Tim Marshall - Former Diplomatic Editor and Foreign Correspondent, Sky News
  • Panellists Nicolas Rohatyn - CEO, The Rohatyn Group
  • Matteo Stefanel - Managing Partner, Apis Partners

10:00 10:25 (25 mins)

Main agenda

Keynote address: Is emerging markets private equity in crisis? How should investors adapt to an evolving landscape?

  • Gregory Bowes - Co-Founder & Managing Principal, Albright Capital Management (ACM)

10:25 11:00 (35 mins)

Main agenda

Morning coffee and networking break

11:00 11:30 (30 mins)

Main agenda

Generating alpha in emerging markets

What has characterised the stand-out deals and exits across emerging markets in the past 18 months and where do GPs see future investment opportunities? What are some of the most promising strategies in dislocated and less correlated markets?

  • Moderator: Julien Kinic - Co-founder and Managing Partner, IDI Emerging Markets
  • Muhannad Qubbaj - Senior Managing Director, Gulf Capital
  • Gautham Radhakrishnan - Partner - Tata Opportunities Fund, Tata Capital
  • Rodney Muse - Co-Managing Partner, Navis Capital Partners
  • Nick Moon - Partner, Leapfrog Investments

11:30 12:00 (30 mins)

Main agenda

LP allocation plans

What is LP appetite for emerging markets and what do LPs want to achieve from their exposure to these economies? How do LPs decide where and how to allocate capital across the world and is a more targeted approach in favour today?

  • Moderator: Maarten Vervoort - Managing Director, AlpInvest Partners
  • Rakesh Saraf - Head of Private Investments, Alberta Teachers’ Retirement Fund
  • Lynn Nguyen - Acting VP/Head of Investment Funds, OPIC
  • Brian Frieser - Senior Portfolio Manager Private Equity & Infrastructure, MN

12:00 12:30 (30 mins)

Main agenda

Live polling session: SuperReturn emerging markets 2017 big debate on risk

Should emerging markets deliver higher returns than developed markets given the risk?

A series of questions relating to the above will be posed to the audience. The below panel will provide feedback and debate the results in real-time.

  • Moderator: Stephan Breban - Board Member, Dean Wetton Advisory
  • David Wilton - Managing Director, Morgan Stanley Alternative Investment Partners
  • Anouk van der Boor - Investment Managing Director, Cambridge Associates
  • Marc Roijakkers - Senior Fund Manager, Alternatives, Blue Sky Group
  • Udayan Goyal - Managing Partner, Apis Partners

12:30 12:55 (25 mins)

Main agenda

The world In 2040: technology, post-lean and demographics. Lessons for the private equity industry

  • Mark Florman - CEO, Time Partners

12:55 14:00 (65 mins)

Main agenda

Lunch and networking break

13:55 14:00 (5 mins)

Regional spotlights

Stream B: regional spotlights

Chair's welcome address

  • Chair Vivina Berla - Co-Managing Partner , Sarona Asset Management

13:55 14:00 (5 mins)

Generating alpha

Stream A: generating alpha

Chair's welcome address

  • Chair Vikram Raju - Executive Director, Morgan Stanley Alternative Investment Partners

14:00 14:45 (45 mins)

Regional spotlights

Latin America beyond Brazil

14.00 – 14.15

Exclusive new data: LAVCA scorecard

Ivonne Cuello, Director of Business Development & Strategy, LAVCA

14.15 – 14.45

Latin America beyond Brazil

What risks and opportunities are presenting themselves in Mexico in light of the new U.S. administration and impending 2018 local elections? Should investors be more bullish on investing in Argentina and the Andean region?

  • Moderator Ivonne Cuello - Director of Business Development & Strategy, LAVCA
  • Panellists Diego Córdoba - Co-founder, CEO and Managing Director , Teka Capital
  • Colin Curvey - Co-Head, IFC African, Latin American & Caribbean Fund
  • You-Ha Hun - Director, Pavilion Alternatives Group Limited

14:00 14:45 (45 mins)

Generating alpha

Operational value add: purse strings and good people

Exploring different value add and management models: what has worked well and what hasn’t?

  • Moderator Gerhard Pries - CEO and Managing Partner, Sarona Asset Management
  • Panellists Sebastian Popik - Founder and Managing Partner, Aqua Capital
  • Scott McDonough - Managing Director, Alta Growth Capital
  • Antoine Delaporte - Managing Director, Adenia Partners

14:45 15:15 (30 mins)

Regional spotlights


Which investment strategies are best positioned to capitalise on India’s positive macroeconomic and political tailwinds: comparing growth, special situations, VC and debt. Is the recent wave of exits enough to restore LP confidence?

  • Moderator: Viswanathan Parameswar (Param) - Executive Director, Head of Adveq Asia Program, Adveq
  • Jayanta Kumar Basu - Managing Partner, CX Advisors
  • Nithya Easwaran - Managing Director, Multiples Private Equity
  • Nishant Sharma - Co-Founder & Managing Director, Kedaara Capital Advisors
  • Gopal Jain - Managing Partner, Gaja Capital

14:45 15:15 (30 mins)

Generating alpha

The case for emerging markets private capital

  • Robert van Zwieten - President and CEO, EMPEA

15:00 15:30 (30 mins)

Regional spotlights

Markets to watch

How are GPs preparing for countries poised to (re)open up in the near future, what are some of the niche strategy plays available and how can you time it right?

  • Moderator: Eric Maillebiau - Founder, CapEos
  • Panellists Stephan Breban - Board Member, Dean Wetton Advisory
  • Oleg Jelezko - Managing Partner, Da Vinci Capital
  • Elvin Guri - General Partner, Empower Capital
  • Kamran Anwar - Managing Director, SS&C GlobeOp

15:15 15:45 (30 mins)

Generating alpha

Mobilising human capital

  • Murray Grant - Managing Director, Intermediated Equity, CDC Group

15:45 16:00 (15 mins)

Regional spotlights

Invest in Cuba: Buenavista Fund

  • Pablo Moro Suárez - Partner, Solventis

16:00 16:20 (20 mins)

Main agenda

Afternoon refreshments and networking break

16:20 16:50 (30 mins)

Generating alpha


What is the best way to position secondaries in an emerging markets portfolio? How are deals being sourced and at what price? How large could the secondaries market become and how commonplace could more complex transactions be?

  • Moderator: Holger Rossbach - Senior Investment Director, Cambridge Associates
  • Panellists Cari Lodge - Managing Director & Head of Secondaries, Commonfund Capital
  • Vikram Raju - Executive Director, Morgan Stanley Alternative Investment Partners
  • Pål Ristvedt - Partner , Lexington Partners UK Ltd

16:20 16:50 (30 mins)

Regional spotlights

Frontier markets: where others fear to tread

How are viable teams being identified and alpha generated in these often volatile markets with limited private equity infrastructure? What does it take to be a successful pioneer?

  • Moderator: Vivina Berla - Co-Managing Partner , Sarona Asset Management
  • Panellists Jarl Heijstee - Managing Partner, XSML
  • Felix von Schubert - Co-Founder, InFrontier
  • Clemens Gerteiser - Head, Fund of Funds Investments, Triple Jump, DGGF Investment Team
  • Lew Oon Yew - Managing Partner, Proventeus Capital

16:50 17:40 (50 mins)

Regional spotlights

Closed Door Discussion: Evolving LP/GP relations in emerging markets

Topics to be discussed include:

- How well has emerging market PE adapted to an increased appetite for direct and co-investing?

- Have we reached a happy medium with current terms, hurdle rates and carry structures? 

 - How successful have attempts at alternative fund structures been in generating returns and aligning LP/GP interests?

  • Chairman: Alexandre Alfonsi - Founding Partner, Axonia Partners
  • Rakesh Saraf - Head of Private Investments, Alberta Teachers’ Retirement Fund
  • Jesús Argüelles - Senior Principal, Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan
  • Andrew Brown - Partner & CIO, ECP
  • Nana Sao - Managing Partner, Africa Capitalworks

16:50 17:30 (40 mins)

Generating alpha


ESG in practice

What has characterised the most successful examples of ESG implementation to date? Exploring best practice for monitoring and reporting ESG, how to effectively engage with portfolio companies and evidence of the value impact of ESG

  • Moderator: Jaideep Das - Partner, EMEA Private Equity Lead, ERM
  • Panellists Silva Deželan - Director Sustainability, Robeco Private Equity
  • Walter van Helvoirt - E&S Officer, Private Equity, FMO
  • Ludo Bammens - MD, Head of EMEA Corporate Affairs, KKR

17:40 19:00 (80 mins)

Main agenda

SuperReturn Emerging Markets 2017 drinks reception

17:40 18:20 (40 mins)

Main agenda

Champagne networking roundtable discussions

Take a seat at a table of your choice and join discussions dedicated to key topical themes on specific regions, sectors and investment strategies. 

Enjoy a glass of champagne and network with your peers in this informal session.

Confirmed roundtables include:

  • Middle East: Muhannad Qubbaj, Senior Managing Director, Gulf Capital
  • Blended Finance: David Creighton, Director, Convergence – Blended Finance
  • India: Srinath Srinivasan, CEO, Oman India Joint Investment Fund
  • Venture Capital: Vishal Harnal, Partner, 500 Startups
  • Brazil: Mario Spinola, Co-Managing Partner, Victoria Capital Partners
  • Education: Danish Farugui, Managing Director, Parthenon-EY
  • Middle East Muhannad Qubbaj - Senior Managing Director, Gulf Capital
  • Blended Finance David Creighton - Vice-Chairman, Cordiant Capital
  • India Srinath Srinivasan - CEO, Oman India Joint Investment Fund
  • Venture Capital Vishal Harnal - Partner, 500 Startups
  • Brazil Mario Spinola - Co-Managing Partner, Victoria Capital Partners
  • Education Danish Faruqui - Managing Director, Parthenon-EY

18:15 18:15 (0 mins)

Main agenda

End of Main Conference Day 1