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Jun 29
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08:00 - 08:45 45 mins
Main Day 2
LP-only breakfast

This session is only open to pension funds, endowments, foundations, DFIs, SWFs and ILPA members, subject to qualification.

08:45 - 09:10 25 mins
Main Day 2
Registration and welcome coffee
09:10 - 09:15 5 mins
Main Day 2
Chair's welcome address
09:15 - 09:45 30 mins
Main Day 2
VC in emerging markets

What deal size and investment stages are delivering the best returns in the various emerging markets and how should LPs assess this? How are ecosystems and funding developing, and what does this mean for deals, exits and valuations?

09:45 - 10:25 40 mins
Main Day 2
Technological disruption in emerging markets

The emerging markets technology revolution; consumers, finance and AI enabled bikes.
To what extent is the leapfrog effect real and how will the interplay between technology in emerging markets and traditional markets develop? What can we learn from consumer behaviour in emerging markets and what does this mean for investors?

10:25 - 10:55 30 mins
Main Day 2
Emerging markets technological disruption: the investment theme

How does tech investing differ across markets and regions? How can investors best understand the forces at play and harness them to generate outstanding returns in an environment of super high valuations? What impact will Alibaba, Tencent and Softbank and other large strategics have on the tech ecosystem? Will unicorns ever go public?

10:55 - 11:25 30 mins
Coffee and networking
11:25 - 11:45 20 mins
Main Day 2
Quantitative risk management: making the case for growth markets

How can you quantify the relative risk of private equity investing in growth markets vs. developed markets? Is it possible to compare balance sheet risk with currency and political risk? To what extent are these correlated?

11:25 - 12:15 50 mins
LP Only
LP-only engaged conversation: Unrealised portfolios and liquidity

Qualified LPs are invited to this closed door, no press discussion to share their own experiences with other LPs.

11:45 - 12:15 30 mins
Main Day 2
Risk, diversification and uncorrelated returns: what do LPs really want?
  • Carlos Heneine - Partner, Quilvest
  • Hans van Swaay - Partner, Lyrique
  • Ruulke Bagijn - Managing Director, AlpInvest Partners

What do LPs want from their exposure to growth markets in an era of outstanding returns in U.S. private equity? Is it reasonable to demand a risk premium from all non-traditional markets and if so, how much? Where is the really smart money being invested and how do you find uncorrelated returns? What is the optimal allocation to emerging markets?

12:15 - 12:45 30 mins
Main Day 2
Exits: how do you get your money out?

What has changed to enable exits in growth markets and which exit routes have been working? How can managers structure deals to maximise the opportunities for a great and timely exit, and delight their investors?

12:45 - 13:55 70 mins
13:55 - 14:25 30 mins
Main Day 2
Non-traditional private equity structures
  • Maarten Vervoort - Managing Director, AlpInvest Partners

What are the characteristics of permanent capital vehicles and longer term capital structures? How do the economics work for LPs and GPs? When is this type of vehicle appropriate and how can you incentivise the team and structure the fund?

14:25 - 14:55 30 mins
Main Day 2
DFIs: balancing profitability with development impact

What role are DFIs playing in helping to bolster private equity and infrastructure ecosystems and investment across emerging markets? How are the organisations evolving and what does this mean for managers? What could they do better?

14:55 - 15:55 60 mins
Main Day 2
Closed door discussion Emerging markets PE returns and performance: are we asking the right questions?

Run strictly under the Chatham House rule, what is said in this closed-door discussion cannot be attributed to any individual. The co-hosts and participants will be encouraged to share real life experiences and speak candidly.

15:55 - 16:00 5 mins
End of SuperReturn Emerging Markets 2018