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Cathrin Stickney

Founder & CEO at Parity.org


 Cathrin, formerly   a   high-­‐ranking   healthcare   executive,   consultant   and   adjunct   professor,   has   been   a women’s  advocate for   more   than   30   years;   but   when   she   saw   studies   that   found,   at   the   pace   we   are   going,   “it   would   take  >100    years   for   women   to   reach   parity   in   the   executive   suite   and   on   boards,”   she   immediately   started   down   the   path   to   create   Parity.org   to   ask   CEOs   to   take   the   ParityPledgeTM   to   simply   interview   at   least   one   woman   for   every   role   VP   and   above.   No   quotas.   No   deadlines.      Since   then,   more   than   250   companies   have   taken   the   ParityPledge,   including   Nasdaq,   Adobe,   Best   Buy,   Cisco,   Lyft,   Ralph   Lauren,   and   RR   Donnelly.   Sony   Pictures   has   become   a   sponsor.   She   wants   to   close   the   gender   gap,   now—not   in   a   100   years.  

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