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December 2019
São Paulo


Bringing together the leading experts shaping the transfer pricing landscape in the region.

Prefer Portuguese?

The conference will be held in Portuguese with simultaneous translation to English available.

What's coming up in 2018

All Eyes on Brazil: The Road to Accession

Brazil's current plans for convergence with the OECD Guidelines brought the transfer pricing landscape in the region into the global tax limelight in 2018. However the road to accession brings a multitude of questions to the table. This session will bring together leading policy experts to discuss what this might mean for multinationals operating in the region and what changes we may expect to see in both the long and short term. 

The Controversy Climate: Issues for Multinationals

The transfer pricing controversy landscape shows no sign of slowing down, with many tax professionals expecting the number of transfer pricing disputes worldwide to rise in the foreseeable future. This session will explore the current litigation climate in Brazil, the issues that multinationals operating in the region are facing in 2018, and offer advice and best practice when resolving transfer pricing disputes internationally. 

Risk & Compliance: Industry Perspectives

The transfer pricing risk landscape had never been so complex, with the OECD's tax certainty project and heightened push for transparency in recent years. This session will discuss the current risk climate in Brazil, and offer practical advice on how to effectively manage those risks, including managing key relationships, such as internal and external stakeholders, along with tax authorities, and effective corporate reputation management. 

Brazil & the Reality of BEPS

The prospect of Brazil adopting OECD guidelines means BEPS. This session will bring together leading industry experts to discuss the current challenges multinationals face operating in the region currently, and consider the impact BEPS may have on current Brazilian TP rules, including working within the parameters of the Arm's Length Principle, TP & treaty interactions, and recent OECD BEPS guidelines.

Beyond Brazil: LATAM & Beyond

Whilst focus is on Brazil, the global TP landscape has never been so complex. TP Minds Brazil will address a number of TP issues affecting the global international tax terrain. Expect to hear about the latest challenges in taxing the Digital Economy, EU State Aid, LATAM developments beyond Brazil and the progress and challenges multinationals now have to consider as a result of US Tax Reform. 

Royalties & IP: Key Concerns

The tax of royalties and intellectual property in Brazil has been a cause of many issues for multinationals operating the in the region. This industry panel will address current concerns with regards to royalties and IP such as fixed margins and royalty deductions. This session will also take a look at what the IP landscape may look like in Brazil under OECD guidelines.

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